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Our Chefs are passionate about our craft and inspire others to take up the love of cooking. Have you always wondered how Professional Chefs create such elaborate plates? Have you ever been inspired to create your favorite dish for friends and family? Whether its in your own home, corporate business or just a ‘girls night out’, our award winning culinary team is at your service

Our Chefs keep each class fun and interesting
Each class is customized by you and the Chef, allowing you to learn and cook the cuisine(s) that you like
Let our Chefs explain the science of cooking and the history of classical and modern cuisine
Explore world flavors, exotic ingredients and new food trends
Learn about flavor profiles and ingredient compatibility
Learn the basic principles and fundamentals of cooking, knife skills and food safety
Learn advanced cooking techniques and professional ‘tricks of the trade’
Review plating guidelines; portion size, flow and overall visual appeal of a dish
Understand the importance of balancing flavors, textures and colors

Diving Horse Group Restaurant Consulting
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