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At The Diving Horse Group, we develop, test, edit and cost recipes for restaurants, institutions, retail establishments, cookbooks and editorial projects. Our culinary team is experienced in trouble shooting existing recipes, identifying and remedying any problems that you may have.

Our recipe development service includes:

Research of ingredients and components

Vendor selection and procurement for ingredients

Typed- standardized recipes; ingredients, quantities, batch yields and methods of preparation

Company logo and water- mark

Accompanying allergy charts for each recipe; photo, menu description, allergies, ingredients, table talk, station, tasting notes and service ware

Standardized recipes provide:

Clear lines of communication allowing staff to follow and replicate recipes that yield the same results each time

Need for less supervision

Employee confidence and improved morale, less turnover

Aid in workflow and efficiency

Labor and food cost control measures

Efficient planning and purchasing

Decreased waste

Increased profits

Overall guest satisfaction leading to return customers

Diving Horse Group Restaurant Consulting
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